Sexy Chinese Cosplayer: Natsume


This summer’s heat was already at its peak, but the cosplayers in the cosplay area increased the excitement. Among the many cosplayers were Natsume along with the reporters from Anime! Anime! got a short interview with her.

Sexy Chinese Cosplayer

During this Comiket, plenty of cosplayers from China went to the event since it was the first time that Chinese smartphone games Azur Lane and Girl’s Frontline (titled Dolls Frontline in Japan) were present with their booths. Along with Chinese cosplayers who are already well-known in the scene in Japan, various cosplayers had made their way from China to Japan for the first time. Among these first-timers was Natsume!

Natsume: Hello everybody, my name is Natsume! I am a cosplayer living in China! One of my hobbies is playing cosplay shows with my cosplay group (note: a stage play by cosplayers, which They can often show at Chinese conventions), where I get to play many characters.

Do you also work a regular job?

Yes! And when I’m not at work, I recharge my energy by watching Anime. I also like to read manga a lot, and on the weekends, I do a variety of cosplays.

Why do you cosplay? How many cosplay events are you attending in China?

My motivation is my devotion to cosplay. That’s the reason I want to play many characters in plays. I don’t just go to exhibitions but also take part in cosplay contests. The time I spent at Japanese Comiket was significant. It was my first time at an overseas cosplay event.

You said you like manga, but do you also like playing games?

Yes. The ones I often play are Azur Lane and FGO. The quality of Azur Lane is high for a Chinese game, and I love to talk with my friends about the story or the characters. For FGO, I especially love to dress up as the characters. I have cosplayed many of them.

I also like a variety of music games. For example, Uta no Prince-Sama Shining Live.

For me, these music games are like Japanese idols, and the one I’d like to cosplay most is Sho Kurusu. I’m additionally a big fan of the person who voices him: Hiro Shimono.

What are the differences between Chinese and Japanese Anime?

Anime is usually for children. Only recently have good Anime aimed at adults increased. I hope they keep it up. I’ve enjoyed watching Japanese Anime since I was small because many genres and characters are worked out in detail and drawn so prettily. I just thought they were great.

Please tell us which criteria you choose for your cosplays.

I cosplay characters I like. Cosplay is enjoyable because I do what I want. However, I especially like cosplaying male characters. [laugh] And sometimes it’s tiring to cosplay. [chuckle] But it’s fun, so that I won’t stop.

It is essential to see how close you can get to a character through cosplay. I research the character’s expression and behavior, clothes, and shape.

Sexy Chinese Cosplayer

Your pose on one leg acquired a lot of attention at Comiket! What’s your secret?

It is more appreciation to the cameraman than for my posing. The cameraman counted down like ‘3, 2, 1,’ and I would get in a pose, so he decided when to take the picture. I like to repeat one pose repeatedly, so the cameraman accompanying me must have it hard. Moreover, I am very thankful. I practice in front of the mirror several times and repeat it many times to easily redo it when needed.

Sexy Chinese Cosplayer

What is your opinion of your first Comiket in Japan?

It’s like a dream to be able to look at the streets of Japan. You can see things that have to do with Anime everywhere. I can see these things, so I am delighted and impressed. It has always happened to be my dream to come to Comiket.

To me, this feels like being in paradise. [laugh] I got this opportunity because they invited me to be a cosplayer for the Azur Lane booth, so I am very thankful. On the convention’s second day, I did a cosplay of Azur Lane’s Graf Zeppelin.

Sexy Chinese Cosplayer

What is your ambition for the future?

As a cosplayer, I wish to become more active in Japan. For now, I feel satisfied that I was able to come to Comiket. From now on, I hope to get more opportunities to cosplay in Japan. There is nothing that would make me happier. I will be excited when I have the chance to come to Japan again!

Sexy Chinese Cosplayer

Natsume leaves a strong impression at Comiket with her great posing. We hope she will return to Japan soon and show us more of her great poses.

We hope you enjoy this article. If you know of other exciting and pretty Chinese cosplayers online who are worthy to be featured, do share with us in the comments section below.

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