How to Dress in Style with Malaysian Hot Girl Jenna Chew

Learn how to dress in style with the prominent Malaysian hot girl – Jenna Chew. Dressing in style is every woman’s desire, what’s in trend or how to mix and match the perfect pair for a night out or an event. 

It comes naturally for other girls but some are struggling to make the right combination or make the outfit work for them.


Jenna Chew is a well-known streamer, a freelance model and an entrepreneur boasting her own brand line. She was born in 1993 in Malaysia, she went to China China to study in the teaching faculty of the National Taipei University of Education and then taught at a primary school in Taipei City (China).

Popularized by her hour-glass figure and attractive outfits on Instagram, garnering 6.5 million followers to date. Jenna shares her personal tips on enhancing your own style with dresses that can work their magic on you!


Every curve you have in your body is a plus point for you to determine the type of clothing that will work for you – take advantage of your own figure! It’s an asset whatever size or shape you are. Understanding how your curves work or your best angles can help you pick the right match or type of outfit according to Jenna.


Short women may appear shorter when wearing some styled outfits choose a uniform color outfit, petite accessories, nude and plaid pointy shoes can also do wonders. As per the Malaysian hot girl Jenna, one way to hack your style is to wear wide-leg pants with boots. 

The pants then cover the high-heeled boots creating an illusion of looking taller whilst wearing a pair of jeans!


Not confident enough with your body? Cover it up with black! Jenna Chew recommends black clothing for women who want to hide their extra bounce. To appear extra slim, Jenna never wears high-neck dresses since it does not go with her body type.

If this also applies to you try out round necks, V-necks, or off-shoulders below the collarbone. Likewise, dresses with vertical stripes are a go-to choice for Jenna in light of the fact that they will be a valuable apparatus to help her be both taller and slimmer.


Accentuate your outfit with the right tones. Know what color matches your own skin tone and see the significant difference it brings to your style!

Admit it, there are just colors that don’t go in harmony with our own skin and this is okay, however, to boost confidence when flaunting your style, go with the colors that perfectly match your tones. 

There are certain ways to upgrade your own fashion style and slay it like the hot Malaysian girl Jenna Chew does! Keep up to date with the latest fashion trends and tips only at IOU Live


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