Hot Malaysian Girls With Glasses

Malaysian girls with glasses are among the many gorgeous creatures you will ever see on the planet.

Just by looking at them in their eyes straight through the lenses – It captivates us to smirk and smile a little even on our dull days. Omg, that was a creepy intro. Let’s forget about that and jump ahead. Check out this list of girls with glasses that we adore and admire.

1) Pauline Tan

Pauline is a fantastic cutie pie. Although I never said hi when we met her before, the actress and runner-up of Miss Universe Malaysia 2015 is a lady of grace when it comes to meeting others. Her smile is so cute that it could lighten your day.

2) Mich Tan

Michelle’s cute little girl next door look is increased a thousandfold with her classic style, antique glasses that fit her style so wondrously that it would capture and melt any guy’s heart. And that includes me.

3) Saheera Bhaseer

Saheera donned the adorable look with her glasses. Her lovely appearance, you could bet that she could attract any guy’s attention.

4) Chloe Chin

With Chloe‘s fashionable sense of fashion and a girl of wanderlust, the girl from Penang is charming in her ways, whether as the geeky look with the spectacles or the outgoing swag chick.

Hot Malaysian Girls With Glasses

5) Luweexxi

Hot Malaysian Girls With Glasses

At such a younger age, Luwe has the lovable mademoiselle personality with her big-framed glasses that sum up her delightful, bubbly look, which makes us boys wonder whether she is single and available.

Hot Malaysian Girls With Glasses

6) Jories Lee

Hot Malaysian Girls With Glasses

Jorie’s radiant complexion came as no surprise as she is a beauty consultant. Along with the combination of the oversized glasses, she does the nerdy yet beautiful look perfectly.

Malaysian girls with glasses

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We hope you enjoy our post on Cute Malaysian Girls with Glasses. Malaysia is well known for its friendly folks and, of course, extra hot girls with glasses. Our list is not exhaustive. If you know of other pretty girls with glasses from Malaysia who are worthy of being covered in one of our articles, please share with us in the comments section.

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