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Hot Malaysian Beauties Instagram Influencers – Malaysia is a land of beautiful women, delicious food, and stunning beaches. At IOULIVE.CAM, we will help you shortlist a few of these lovely and cute ladies. 

You will also learn more about the culture of “Malaysia, Truly Asia” through some of these ladies who symbolize the country through their daily posts and the things they share worldwide about themselves. For a country as diverse as Malaysia, it is a magnificent home.

From the many states of Malaysia, a reasonable number of alluring and charming ladies stood out in their fanbase and earned themselves extraordinarily well-known on Instagram.

What are some of the other Hot Instagram influencers you think should be on this list? Let’s start the ball rolling.

No.1 – @Jenna_Chew

A post shared by  Jenna 周甄娜 (@jenna_chew)

Jenna Chew is one of the top influencers with a total of 1.2 Million followers. She is based in Sibu, Sarawak, East Malaysia. She most of the time invited to famous events and openings. She promotes many brands not just in Malaysia but also around the World. Having a stable reach for the Malaysian Market, she is one of the must-see Female Malaysian Instagram Influencers.

Jenna is a lovely girl who will be willing to have a brief chat with you if you do get a chance to see her personally. She is also famous on TikTok.

Check out her exciting and funny TikTok dance and singing videos that will make you smile at her cute antics.

No.2 – @ Ms_Puiyi

A post shared by  𝕊 𝕌 𝔾 𝔸 ℝ 糖糖 🧸 (@ms_puiyi)

Pui Yi, nicknamed “𝕊 𝕌 𝔾 𝔸 ℝ 糖糖,” which you can’t just ignore because she is a fun and sweet fun girl to follow. She’s originally from Penang, Malaysia, and is currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. @Ms_Puiyi has a fun and sexy perspective on her Instagram account that is certainly going to capture the eyes and the love of the male population of the World. Frequently invited in event openings. She has often appeared for her own fan club events that have evolved into a party for many of her fan base all around Asia and worldwide.

With more than 600,000 followers, we will see this celebrated lady achieving more traction in the Malaysian Beauties Instagram Influencers list.

No.3 – @sabee996

A post shared by  陈姝莹🍎 (@sabee996)

@Sabee9966 is frequently seen together in her post with Sugar – a close friend of hers. Sabee is a jet setter who travels worldwide, as you will always notice in her Instagram posts.

She is a famous model based in West Malaysia. She is frequently invited to do publicity assignments for many local and international brands. The opening of new shops and bars also always features her.

You will see a sports enthusiast frequently in her gym attire and sports jerseys of various teams.

No.4 – @gatitayan777

A post shared by  Gatita Yan 🇲🇾 (@gatitayan777)

One notable up-and-coming Malaysian Beauties Instagram influencer is Gatita Yan. With a follower base of 650,000+, this hot sexy girl has been evolving quickly on Instagram.

Gatita is not shy to exhibit her beautiful figure. She is usually seen traveling worldwide – most recently to Italy.

No. 5 – @cathrynli

A post shared by @ cathrynli

Cathryn Li Yuanling is one of our top Instagram influencers and a prominent Malaysian Pianist and Actress.

No. 6 – @mieryap28

A post was shared by  MierYap💕米兒 (@callmemiermier.official)

Mier Yap, one of the most seductive Malaysian beauties, is based in Kuala Lumpur. She is the proprietor of a couple of businesses alongside her fiance.

No.7 – @amberna_official

A post was shared by  DJ AMBER NA 藍星蕾 (@ambernall)

Amber Na is a Johor-born, currently Singapore-based DJ – Care we say more? She has become renowned as a Disc-Jockey and soars around the World to work music for notable clubs. 

You will notice her posts flying to regions such as Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong to perform her stints. You can see her Insta Story rehearsing her work.

Amber Na is a sweet and soft-spoken Malaysian cutie. She used to work as a fashion model. She is one lady who is lovely and talented at the same time!

No.8 – @xiianger

A post shared by  Amy👱🏻‍♀️ 香儿Malaysia. Johor 🇲🇾21 (@xiianger)

No.9 – @jazelxlim

A post shared by  Jazel Lim (@jazelxlim)

No.10 – @janiceee_13

Malaysia is one of our editor’s Hot locations in the Worls with many captivating women. The cost of living there is low. Prices for food and entertainment are very affordable, and you can enjoy the establishments and tourist attractions with pleasant weather, well it could be a bit warm for some.

IOULIVE.CAM is committed to producing more lists of Instagram Influencers for our visitors to learn more about the Hot Instagram girls of the regions and countries.

Leave us a comment if you want more girls listed here.

We love Malaysia, and we love the girls from Malaysia. Cheers!


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