Hot Girl Highlight – Asia’s Top Sexiest Model Naomi Neo

Asia is home to several notable women – from hot actresses to the sexiest models. One of the most heard of is Asia’s top sexiest model and influencer Naomi Neo. 

Are you ready to deep dive and get to know the story behind her success?

Who is Naomi Neo besides being the top sexiest model in Asia?

Dubbed as one of the hot actresses in Singapore, Naomi Neo has risen to fame through social media influencing, content creation and lifestyle vlogging on Youtube. 

Garnering a decent number of followers and subscribers, Naomi is now considered one of the most influential digital influencers in Singapore. 

In her early stage, she battled depression and struggled with coping thus ending up becoming distant from her parents. Despite having mental issues, Naomi was a brilliant and competitive student. Throughout her adversities, she found a way to share her thoughts as her depression worsens – an avenue in which she felt safe to share her experiences and emotions is on her Facebook account.

This has been a starting point of her career as she attracted other budding teens that have the same struggles growing up. 

From just barely posting stories of her own life and school experiences, the influencer entered a new phase in digital content creation which is blogging. Never had she thought about the fact that her mere posting on her Facebook account would change her life for good at the age of 15.

One of the most notable blogs she wrote was entitled “Mother”, this has led to more people discovering her and her unique talent in writing. However, being an internet celebrity means being susceptible to cyberbullying – the one thing that started her fame was also the reason for her downfall. With immense criticism, pressure and bashing, Naomi had to stop writing new articles for her blog and went on a short hiatus. 

While on break, she discovered other platforms to use to her advantage. This is where her Twitter and Instagram account comes in where she shares everyday sneak peek photos and posts.

Over the years, Naomi has finally found the healing she needed and overcame depression. With this, she has reconnected and now has a better relationship with her parents. Alongside this, she had multiple invitations as a guest speaker at different events to talk about cyberbullying and sex, Not long after, she launched her career when she started vlogging on Youtube sharing content such as fashion, makeup, skincare, challenge videos, jokes and Q&A videos.

The first video that debuted on the channel is a cover of the “Superbass” and the one that made it viral was entitled “things that guys don’t know about girls” which has garnered millions of views on the platform. 

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