Extra Hot Malaysian Cosplayer – Ying Tze

Ying Yze

You can never resist this Malaysian’s alluring and seductive cosplayer characters

Introducing Ying Tze, a Cosplayer

Extra Hot Malaysian Cosplayer – Ying Tze

Introducing Ying Tze, a Cosplayer, Fashion / Costume

Designer from Malaysia. Besides Cosplay, she loves Video Games, Traveling, Food, Cats, and Crafting. Here’s where she shares her life. Hope that you enjoy this article.

A big anime/manga/games fan since she was young, she has been cosplaying for almost 9 years up, to date. What she loves about Cosplay is costume making and also being able to meet friends with the same love and interests.

A blogger since 2010, she blogs mainly about events, cosplay/cosplay tutorials, and her journey as a cosplayer. Blogging allows to share her thoughts and experiences with readers that a photo alone couldn’t convey. 

Besides costume making, she enjoys gaming too. Previously her gaming platform is PS1, PC and GameBoy. Now she mainly plays on PS3. Her favorite game genres are RPG / First Person Shooter like Call Of Duty, Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto, BioShock, and Resident Evil. It’s self-evident she loves anything violent… Games, that is.

Another fact about her is that she really loves cats ! she has six lovely cats at home that accompany her during her costume making + gaming sessions.

Another fact about her is that she really loves cats

Since the young of 4, when her mother first introduced me to the world of anime – with Sailormoon being her very first anime. Back then, her mother was a big fan of Hong Kong TV Drama series, so she rented videotapes quite often; it turned out that they had Sailor Moon in Cantonese Dub. (which was how she learned Cantonese very well!)

At 7, she started reading manga like Chibi Maruko Chan, Detective Conan, and Sailormoon. It was all in Bahasa Malaysia. she recalled visiting the book shop feeling excited for new releases as a child.She was into games like Pokemon back then. She has an older brother who loves gaming and enjoys watching him play. GameBoy was her first console because she wanted to play Pokemon Yellow. 

She grew up being surrounded by anime, manga, and games. Before she discovered Cosplay, she enjoyed drawing very much. She has a Deviantart account where she shares all her pencil sketches. She wasn’t good at Digital Art, so her artworks were mostly Traditional Media. she was also part of the editorial board for her school magazine.

She first discovered Cosplay in early 2003

It was through a local Malaysian magazine named Gempak. she remembered reading articles about Cosplay in Japan featuring Arisa Mizuhara and Kipi. It featured an event in Kuala Lumpur, “Comic Fiesta.”

She got really interested in Cosplay. For her, it’s another way of displaying love for your favorite characters besides drawing. Back then, it was challenging to get resources for Cosplay. she didn’t know where to get wigs or costumes. She wished that she knew how to make costumes.

She did her first ever official Cosplay in 2005. She represenof Lambo, 10 years later version from Katekyo Hitman Reborn. she was super into that series back then, and her Cosplay was just a random wig and a white shirt where she used Microsoft Paint to get the cow print pattern. No photoshoot or photographer was just her – her compact camera, and her bedroom.

Cosplay Events in Malaysia

For years she’s been hoping to be able to attend Comic Fiesta in Kuala Lumpur – But her hometown Sabah, was too far away. She wished hard for her hometown to have a Cosplay-related event, and finally, in 2007, her wish came true. Hobbiton was Sabah’s first ACG ( Anime, Comics, and Games ) event. It was her very first time coming to an event as a cosplayer. she wore her Matsumoto Rangiku cosplay, the wig, and prop weren’t accurate, and she doesn’t have much makeup on her face, too, but it was entertaining!

Costumes were costly back then. She always wanted to cosplay many characters but didn’t know where to buy costumes. Tailors were too pricey, and it was difficult for her to tell them what she wanted as anime/manga characters had funny designs. She doesn’t have much money to go for tailor-made costumes because she was just a high school student.

She admired people who could make their own costumes. She doesn’t know how to sew, and she had a Home Economics subject in school where we learned about sewing, but she wasn’t into it back then. she was like, ” Gosh, this is so difficult and boring! “

When she first started cosplaying, she looked up to a few cosplayers as her inspiration.

Yaya Han was one of her favorite cosplayers, with her fantastic craftsmanship in her costumes. she enjoyed looking at her the website where she describes how she made each and every one of her costumes.

One of her coser inspiration is Pinky Luxun from Indonesia. She chanced upon her blog when searching for cosplay makeup. It happened that she had a tutorial on how to do makeup, and she was in admiration with her costumes and how she blogs about her Cosplay with her cosplay partner, Orochi. How could one be so gifted, she was always curious. They can make lovely costumes. Their cosplays are filled with confidence.

She hopes she, too, can make costumes like them one day.

She hopes she, too, can make costumes like them one day.

She was unaware about how to get started. But, she was lucky enough to have her friend’s mother, who she calls “Aunty,” to teach me how to sew and draft patterns. she only had a short, one-month duration with her, but it’s already adequate to get her up and kicking.

She taught her how to utilize a sewing machine. My first sewing machine, and she’s using it till now, it’s a SINGER 8280. It was the cheapest model she could afford and the best she had ever had. 

She was also taught how to make patterns for costumes, too. she was working on Tifa Lockhart and She Nome at that time, and she taught her step by step how to draft the patterns and sew till completion. she thinks these outfits took her around 3 months to finally complete.

It wasn’t easy peasy to learn how to sew. she remembered how often she nearly gave up due to the sewing machine went haywire or the costume didn’t fit well. Can’t even remember how much she raged or maybe even cried.

In Hobbycon 2008, she first wore the costumes that she handcrafted. The sense was different, the feeling of accomplishment. Of course, she was afraid that the outfit would fall apart because she wasn’t skillful. Strangely, she felt that she was delighted that she managed to achieve her goal of making her own costumes. It was tiring, and she didn’t have enough sleep due to rushing the costumes, but she was happy and proud of her outfits. It wasn’t perfect, but she’s glad that she made it. That’s how she started her costume-making journey.

The initial step is always complicated to take. Even more challenging to keep going and stay motivated. From 2008 onwards. She started making her own costumes. Everything was self-taught through books and the internet.

Using Mr. Google for Designs 

It’s incredible how the internet has all these fantastic tutorials, and when she was stuck, she could constantly just search the Mr. Google for solutions. she wasn’t good at making patterns. In case you are wondering what’s a design, it’s like a 2D sketch of the costume where you have to outline it with your measurements. Honestly, she’s not good at maths or calculation-related stuff, so she didn’t enjoy that part of sewing much back then.


The paper pattern is significant because if it’s wrong, it will affect the outcome of the costume. She spent the most time drafting to get all the measurements right. As she made more costumes, she learned more about crafting. Every outfit has a different pattern, but it’s all modified from the same basic design.

As she practices her sewing more, the faster her needlework speed is. Around 2008, it took her months to make one costume. If she’s motivated enough, she can finish an outfit in 4-5 days. 

After being self-taught for 4 years, in 2011, she enrolled in a fashion design college. Making cosplay costumes made me realize she enjoyed sewing and making things. It’s something that she doesn’t mind doing every day.

Fashion College is very distinct from Cosplay. It’s more to learn about patterns and how to make your designs into a literal costume. She enjoyed teaching things that she didn’t know. Straighfroward things like how to sew a button correctly and open the seams. It’s somewhat basic but makes a big difference to your work.


Fashion College also educated her about time management and discipline. As fashion design students, we had many assignments, and the workload was crazy. She learned how to handle her time prudently, being able to do her tasks not for the benefit of just finishing something but should think about quality as well.

Mastering the Art of Tailoring

Numerous people have the misconception that fashion design = can make cosplay costumes. It wasn’t true. We focus primarily on design and drawing and very little on actual sewing. She was glad that having Cosplay as her hobby, she get to practice sewing all the time.

Not everyone needs to join a fashion design course to learn how to make costumes. Many people who make their costumes are self-taught too or could be just taking short tailoring courses.

hot sexy

At present, it’s even easier to learn tailoring because bookstores have so many books, even specifically on cosplay making. They also have ready-made patterns for sale. It wasn’t like back in 2008 when information was limited.

When people ask her, ” YingTze, how do you choose the characters that you cosplay?”

The answer is the only cosplay characters she really like or those she has a great interest in. The reason is that costume-making takes a lot of time and money if you have a taste for quality fabrics and trimmings. Why would she make something that she’s not even passionate about?

She like beautiful costume designs too. Especially those with potential where she can play with different fabrics and materials. One of the reasons that she loves making costumes is that the outfits that she made are uniquely mine. She thinks self-made costumes fit better too.

That's how she fell in love with Costume Making.

Till now, she’s still learning about costume making and sewing. Every costume has a different pattern and sewing technique. It keeps her interested and motivated. She likes to learn new things. 

Before learning about Cosplay, she doesn’t know how to sew/cut, style a wig, or even put on makeup. After cosplaying for almost 10 years, she’s still learning. There are still many things she doesn’t know and costumes that she couldn’t imagine out how to make. It’s interesting for her – picking up new skills along the way. That’s how she fell in love with Costume Making.

Through Cosplay, she met precious friends in her life. Friends who are supportive of her cosplay journey. She believes in the documentary entitled, The Secret. Positive thoughts will bring more great things to your life. Being grateful for even the tiniest little thing.


A Cosplayer Who Appreciates Her Fans

She is very thankful for her photographer friends, too, for being with her all these years working alongside her. Without them, she wouldn’t have pictures of all the great memories and costumes she made.

She thinks being a Gemini and being indecisive is one of her traits.

Hot Malaysian cosplayer as she has many characters that she wants to cosplay, but she only has two hands. She thinks being a Gemini and being indecisive is one of her traits. But once she decided on a cosplay project, she would be able to perceive it through till achievement. Presently, we have so many anime/manga/games that she doesn’t know where to start. But she would love to cosplay some of her favorites childhood series one day. 

She is very grateful to be given a chance to travel, which she enjoys lots and Cosplay.

Thanks to Cosplay, she can travel to conventions around South East Asia as a cosplay guest and judge for cosplay competitions. She is very grateful to be given a chance to travel, which she enjoys lots and Cosplay.

Much love to all the lovely people who like her Cosplay and costume works. All your support allowed herto travel the world and experience different conventions/events. Best of all, she would love to meet all of her fans!

 She enjoys taking photos of all her good memories in different.

It’s also precisely why she decided to be more active in her blog again. She enjoys taking photos of all her good memories in different countries and conventions, so she thought, why doesn’t she share her experiences with you here.

Every event/country has different cultures, and she’s always ready to experience new things! So far, she has traveled to Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia for cosplay events. She also attends local events back in Malaysia and feels truly blessed for all these opportunities.

That's all about her cosplay story! She hopes this will answer some of your questions about her and her Cosplay.

That’s all about her cosplay story! She hopes this will answer some of your questions about her and her Cosplay.

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