Craving For More Sizzling Japanese Girls?

Nana Asakawa

Japanese Girls аrе еxоtіс аnd іn a сlаѕѕ оf their оwn. Thаt іѕ the rеаѕоn why thеу gеnеrаtе іntеrеѕt frоm all over the world. 

Nana Asakawa

Craving For More Sizzling Japanese Girls?

Japanese Idol, Actress

Born in 1999 in Japan, Nana Asakawa is a twenty-year-old who is already known for her cinematic and television achievements — you can see her in a severe number of movies and follow her work on the small screen.

If you’re a fan of J-pop, you probably know her as a part of the Super Girls team.

It’s challenging to understand where Nana Asakawa finds enough time for all her activities because she also does modeling. Modeling isn’t just one of her hobbies — she managed to win third place when she entered the Covergirl Grand competition in the comic category.

This Japanese idol is famous for her many talents, as you can see, but she’s also known for her body — her figure is a cause of envy and desire worldwide.

Jun Amaki

Gravure Idol

Jun Amaki isn’t just another famous girl. She is a gravure idol.

Gravure idols are models most published in MAMOR, the official magazine of the Japanese Self-Defense Force. You’ll agree that Japan is known for its unconventional ideas and inventions, but gravure models are something else. They get to pose in the authentic military uniform, and Jun Amaki is one of the most popular models of this type.

There’s even a gravure contest that’s seriously popular on the territory of Japan called U-19 Next Gravure Queen Battle. As you might have expected, Jun Amaki won the first prize and took the title from Kaneko Shiori.

Both an idol and a nationally significant figure, Jun Amaki is also famous for her naturally-given gifts — her curves are all in just the right places. If you do some light research, you’ll find that she’s not hiding her body.

She’s not only an attractive model but also a talented singer.

Saaya Irie

Actress, Voice Actress, Gravure Idol, Singer

Considering that she started her career at eleven, it’s not surprising how Saaya Irie became highly famous.

Being a gravure model, Saaya is also an idol of national importance. Gravure idols are relevant to the Japanese Self-Defense Force because they showcase authentic uniforms to boost morale.

Besides modeling, Saaya is a passionate voice-over artist and a talented actress. You can see her in popular movies, hear her voice on radio shows, and follow her work by watching TV shows.

Saaya is the name she uses on stage too. Thanks to her singing voice, she became a member of a widely-known musical group called Sweet Case, which Chase later replaced.

Suzu Hirose


Japan is home to the most beautiful girls in the world — that’s for sure. However, Suzu Hirose is one of the hottest (and most talented). Although only 20 years old, this vixen has garnered the attention of many with her acting. In just a few years, she appeared in various TV shows and movies, which critics mostly received well.

This sexy Japanese woman has also starred in ads, variety shows, commercials, and web dramas. In addition, she has been nominated for more than 15 awards. She even won the Best Supporting Actress award for The Third Murder at the 41st Japan Academy Awards, equivalent to USA’s Oscars.

Still, when she’s not starring in blockbusters, Suzu ensures she engages her fans on Twitter and Instagram. She has more than a million followers who want to know what she is up to every day, what she’s starring next, and more.

Mariya Nishiuchi

Singer, Model, Actress, Songwriter

Singer, model, actress, and songwriter — there’s little Mariya Nishiuchi cannot do. This Japanese beauty is only 25 years old! However, her looks and versatile talents have won over audiences worldwide.

Mariya started her career at the tender age of five in 2008 when she appeared in Seigi no Mikata and The Scrap Teacher. That same year, she got her first significant role by lending her voice to Laila Berakua in The Golden Compass. The performance helped her get yet another lead role in 2011’s Switch Girl!, a manga teen comedy series.

Since then, she has worked hard on modeling, acting, and influencer careers. It seems Instagram is her social media platform of choice; she frequently posts about her projects, modeling jobs, and private life, giving her followers a piece of her beauty every day.

Aya Omasa

Actress, Model

When it comes to innocent beauty and unassuming hotness, there’s no one better than Aya Omasa. This Japanese charmer was born in Takikawa in 1991, but she started acting in 2006. Once Japan got to know her, she landed roles in a few movies and many TV dramas, most notably A Liar and a Broken Girl and Paradise Kiss.

Hottest Japanese Girls

Still, Aya stands out from the crowd because of her sweet innocent smile and sexy long legs. Yet, at just 164 cm, we can still consider her a petite beauty who dazzles with her eyes and raven hair. In addition, she hasn’t been afraid to venture outside modeling and acting.

She even has her line of wedding dresses, which she has managed to showcase to the world. She’s also engaging her followers daily; she often uses her Instagram account to keep her fans in the loop about her projects — and her sexiness!

Reon Kadena

Hottest Japanese Girls

Glamor Model, Actress

Hottest Japanese Girls

Reon does her work under a couple of different names, but regardless of the character she uses, her innocent-looking beauty. And her breasts are not denied. Born in 1986 in Osaka, she has featured in quite a few movies. Her popularity ensures her repeated appearances on Japanese talk shows as well.

That figure. That face. You can see her in a few men’s magazines as well. Nude is not her thing anymore. Nor are porn movies.

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