Cosplay in Japan Is The Best in the World


If you are into Cosplay, then you would be familiar that Japan is the best in Cosplay, no matter how strong different folks from different countries strive to show it.

Japan easily out-cosplay everyone, I have to say. Before we proceed, do you know what it is Cosplay? It means “COStume PLAY,” a type of staging where the participants will be clad in costumes and associated trimmings to correspond that of a particular character.

These characters are most of the time derived from anime, video games, manga, novels, etc. Say it, and the Japs will cosplay it perfectly!

Strikingly similar!

Cosplayers are usually otakus followers of Japanese manga aka comics. Now Cosplay variesfrom Halloween costume wear in its goal. Yup! There’s an onbjective for cosplaying.

More often than not, the primaty objective of Cosplay is interpretation. In other words, when someone cosplays a character, that particular cosplayer will attempt to become one’s character.

A very similar Cloud, huh!

Demenours-wise, everything must be a carbon copy of the characters. Costumes are expected to follow meticulously the costumes known to be worn by the character represented. Even the hair has to be done according to the surface…thread by thread! 

Rings more like the cosplayer being enclosed, right? I believe all cosplayers are perfectionists in their own right.

Even the character movement and manners has to be the same!

There are so many collections of pictures featuring cosplayers on the internet. But today, I will show you some more elegant and beautiful examples of the cosplay subculture. Some Cosplayers might be a little too alluring or sexy for you, so watch at your own “risk.” 

Evangelion Girls!

Yes! You can find me in Persona 5!


She looks like me, right?
How can I serve you, Master?

Would you like to eat my apple?
Hello Master
Are you ready to race?

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