Asian Women Highlight – Hot Female Dj Amber Na

Hot female DJ Amber Na is making rounds on Asian social media platforms with her fancy looks and alluring sexy body. 

Garnering 3 million followers on her Instagram account, her following is still growing in numbers attracting more and more eyes to her social account. 

Curious who this hot DJ is? Find out more as you read below!


Amber Na was born on November 5, 1997, in Malaysia and rose to fame through her profession as a disc jockey. Her popularity reached other countries such as Singapore and Taiwan not to mention an international number of fans flooding her social media accounts.  

Aside from her captivating beauty, Amber Na is also admired for her academic achievements. It is quite notable to know that she graduated in Law and Business in Singapore. In 2019, the female DJ moved to Taiwan (China) to advance in her career. Besides her main job, the 25-year-old hot girl is also a model, actress and known emcee of talk shows.

In an interview, the Malaysian DJ said that when she started the job, she was met with fierce opposition from her family, especially her father. “My family members are all law-related workers, so they want me to follow the family career path. My father said that if he spent money on my studies, I should make money with knowledge, but I didn’t agree,” she said. In the end, Amber Na is determined to pursue her passion.

Since 2016, when she was a student, modelling and DJ work have helped her pay for her tuition. Her exposure to the entertainment industry has made her increasingly hungry to be famous. After many efforts, the Malaysian DJ achieved success and became the face of many brands invited to cooperate.

Currently, hot DJ Amber Na is the emcee for a variety show in Taiwan. In contrast to the bold fashion style on social media, she is considered to have a naive, cute look when appearing on the show. In some broadcasts, she has performed the challenge of removing makeup and impressing viewers with the beautiful original face no less than makeup.

After many years of building up her career, she has built a reputation but was also repeatedly harassed by male audiences. However, Amber considered it a “career accident” and did not let it affect her professionalism on stage.

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