Asian Beauty – Famous Actress Qin Lan’s Timeless Beauty

Asian beauty had always captivated the hearts of many internationally and for some, it remains a mystery how most Asian women don’t seem to age a day.

Skin ageing depends on a lot of factors, genes, location, beauty regimen, medical intervention, health, lifestyle and a lot more. 

Qin Lan is one of the popular epitome of timeless Asian beauty maintaining her figure and young look despite being over 40 years it leaves people wondering what are her secrets? 

Born on July 17, 1979, Qin Lan was born and raised in China. She studied and graduated from Shenyang University of Technology

She rose to fame with her notable roles in the Chinese film industry to name, including “My Fair Princess III”, “Dream Link”, “Legend of Fan Liwa” and “Destiny By Love”. Beloved by a lot of fans for her angelic face and outstanding performance. Aside from her acting projects, Qin Lan is a brand ambassador for large brands and a series of paid ads.

Qin Lan joined showbiz in 1999 as an advertising model. After that, she started to forge into acting and became one of the highly regarded names.

In 2018, after the movie “Story of Yanxi Palace”, Qin Lan’s fame and charm really rose to a new level. At the end of the film, she received many invitations to act in films and attend events.

Many are still confused about how despite being over 40 years old, she has maintained a slim waistline and impeccable smooth skin. 

Asian Beauty Secrets – Qin Lan Stresses the Importance of Exercise

Qin Lan stresses the importance of consistent exercise on her personal page. The actress said she spends at least an hour a day in the gym. She also has a personal trainer to ensure the best results. With effort and perseverance, the actress always has a slim, toned body despite being over 40 years old. 

Qin Lan In Style

Qin Lan also knows how to take care of her fashion style. She has two stylists to take care of the clothes she wears every day and when filming and attending events. She loves body-hugging outfits, adding a few vintage textures to highlight her smooth white skin and perfect body.

In addition to taking care of herself, she is also appreciated for her professional working attitude and closeness to people. She is considered as one of the artists with the most stable career from a young age to the present of Cbiz.


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