All You Need to Know About Japanese Beauty Nozomi Sasaki

Japanese beauty Nozomi Sasaki is indeed irresistible, cunning and probably one of the hottest girls in the country! 

Considered a goddess in Japan, Nozomi Sasaki just smashes the beauty standards from face to figure to her fashion style. 

No wonder why there are people who find interest in who she is behind the fame she is in right now. Know more about her as you read through this article!

Top Japanese Beauty

Nozomi Sasaki is known for her angelic face and unequal body figure.

She was also recognized by TC Candler of the US when she entered the 100 most beautiful people in the world. Flaunting a body figure measurement of 80 – 58 – 82, Nozomi often wears sexy clothes or bikinis to perform shooting sets. Thus, men see her as a sex goddess. 

Aside from her stunning beauty, she also shoots a lot of different concepts with special outfits. However, her bikini photos are always the hottest when helping Nozomi show off her sexy body. In particular, the model has a special love for delicate, semi-open and semi-open outfits.

A Little Bit of Her Background

In the past fifteen years, Nozomi Sasaki has gone from an unknown quantity to something of a phenomenon thanks to her physical attributes and talent. She has leveraged the adoring looks of the fans, commentators and advertisers to a career in big-screen films, TV serials, an endless number of commercial work, Public relations assignments, photo books, music albums and adult (gravure) and fashion modelling. Sasaki was born in the northern prefecture of Akita and proudly carried the local dialect ‘akitaben’ as she began modelling at the age of fourteen and all the way through her becoming a popular name. Speaking of which, she has often chosen to stylize her name simply as Nozomi. She is often featured within or on the cover of magazines with fans praising her slim build, legs, eyes and smile. 

After dating several celebrities, including a member of the boy band Arashi, Nozomi Sasaki announced her engagement to comedian Watabe Ken on NTV’s live variety program Gyoretsu No Dekiru Horitsu Sodanjo on April 9 of 2017. The couple had been dating for two years. They subsequently married in April 2017. She gave birth to a boy in September 2018. 

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