All Anime And Manga Lovers Must Be Aware Of These Talented Malaysian Cosplayers By Now

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Anime and manga shall be a part of Asian culture for an extended period.

Most people have possibly watched anime at least once in their lifetime. Hardcore anime lovers (also known as cosplayers) take their passions and talents to the next level; they become the character itself for a day by making the most detailed costumes. I can’t even act to be nice to people for 5 minutes! That’s pure commitment, peeps!

So here’s a list of lovely cosplayers who I have to give props to (pun intended) for being insanely good at what they do:

1. Yugana Senshi Uon

When I asked about cosplayers, Yugana’s name constantly popped up first. Also known by her actual name, Ann Louise Wong, this page model for @Cosplay.and.

Comics and independent designers have been featured on many sites such as SMOSH, Super Cosplay Girls, The ART of Cosplay, Geek X Girls, and Cosplay. She outwardly started cosplaying during the Anime Festival Asia (AFA) in 2013 and cosplayed as the Gender Bender Joker. She’s also given many interviews, such as The Heat, The Borneo Post, Maus Journal, and Eleven Tsuki. It is no surprise she is well-known in the cosplaying world.

2. Ying Tze

Another renowned name in the industry is this little cat lady (she has six cats!) who is also a costume-maker. Ying Tze began cosplaying in 2005 and made her first cosplay costume in 2008. She said that she loves making costumes because it allows her creativity while experimenting with different fabrics and trimmings, giving her unique touch to every outfit she creates.

After realizing she had the ability for it, she accompanied fashion school and passed in 2014. Since 2010, she has been jet-setting to diverse countries, cosplaying, and traveling, as she likes meeting various types of cosplay and people from around the globe.

She has also been displayed on many websites, including Cosplay Gen Worldwide, Tokyo Otaku Mode, WOW, the Magic Rain, Akiba nation, AkibaTan, Madman Anime Festival, and several more!

3. Angie

This cosplayer is also an animator who adores comics, animes, and novels daily. She is also a part of the AFA Cosplay Star. Angie like drawing, making handcraft, reading, and like anyone else, sleeping. You should also check out her unique works of art on her DeviantArt page!

 4. Rikka Blurhound


Rikka has lived as a cosplayer from Malaysia based in England for four years. This 148cm petite lady has a thing for powerful female characters and enjoys making armors and props more than she sews. She is a massive devotee of League of Legends too!


She was also a CLAS: H Medan Visitor Judge in 2017, won the Judge’s Choice Award in GameStart Singapore in 2016 and positioned First Runner Up in Culture Japan Convention Penang in 2013.


She was the Primary Runner Up in Selangor Cyber Games 2016 and featured in Comic King! And here I am, wondering what I have been doing with my life. She was also in ads such as the Nippon Paint Pylox Video Commercial and the League of Legends Star Guardian Jinx quality film. 

5. Kaienyuu


This talented cosplayer started in 2012. She has always liked dressing up and testing with makeup (and was also an avid gamer!). She came to cross-cosplaying through the DeviantArt website and was amazed by cosplayers.


She then determined to give it a shot by reaching out to other cosplayers and planning a photo shoot together, and the story goes on from there. Currently, she’s working with her dad, but she also publishes interactive fiction! Yes, I’ll be checking those out soon.

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We hope you enjoy this article. Our list is not exhaustive. If you know of other exciting and pretty girls online who are worthy to be featured, do share with us in the comments section below.

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